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As a teenager in the mid eighties while still at school, my first independent venture into the gaming industry began with converting arcade machine graphics for home computers such as Amiga and Spectrum.  Since then, I have worked in senior creative roles for some of the largest brands in the computer games industry including Eidos, Codemasters, Empire and Electronic Arts in Vancouver.  With over 25 years experience  in design and Art and Creative Direction, I am an experienced concept artist specialising in 2D, 3D , UI and textures.

My art portfolio also includes a collection of mixed media contemporary artworks which have sold worldwide in solo and group exhibitions. I am a qualified external examiner for the BA games design course at the London college of communication. And, most recently, with a business partner, I have produced and sold independently a number of online flash games. The most successful, Isoball 3 and Tankblitz Zero have recorded almost 30 million plays in less than a year.


Art Related

  • Expert environment & character development
  • High-quality concept sketching & painting
  • Modelling know-how; characters, environments, props (Low & High Polygon)
  • Savvy texturing skills, including hand painted,  photo-manipulation and normal mapping
  • Professional painting and illustration; Published in print and on the Web
  • Graphic Design for corporate identity, logo and type development, UI
  • Story boards and basic animation

Design Related

  • Accomplished developer of original IP, stories, characters, demos/walkthroughs
  • Experience working with licensed IP’s and balancing the relationship between developer & licensing agent
  • Adept with mechanics development; limit definitions, player mechanics, asset breakdown, tuning/polishing
  • Skilled authoring for game- and level-flow, level layouts, scenario building, visual story telling

Management Related

  • Diverse Art Director, Designer, Producer, Team Lead
  • Experienced manager of international and outsource teams
  • Skilled at remote management and understanding of multicultural business relationships
  • Full-faceted project development; R&D to completion


87-90 Tiertex/Us Gold, 2d artist and designer
90-91 Assembly Line, 2d artist
91-92 Codemasters, 2d artist
92-94 Empire interactive, 2d/3d artist and designer
95-96 Domark, concept,3d artist and designer
96-97 Eidos, 3d artist
97-99 Intelligent Games, concept artist/ lead artist and designer
99-03 Asylum Entertainment, lead artist/ concept artist
03-06 Electronic Arts, Characters/Front end/Design/Production
06-07 Freelance Artist/Painter
07-09 Asylum Entertainment, Art Director
09-11 Candyflame - Company Director/Creative Director

Tiertex / US Gold 1987-1990
Street Fighter
Human Killing Machine
Thunder Blade
Italy 1990
Last Duel
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Heroes of the Lance
Paper Boy

Assembly Line 1990-1991

Codemasters 1991-1992
Magic Land Dizzy
Dizzy- Prince of the yolkfolk
Bubble Dizzy
Panic Dizzy
Captain Dynamo
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

Empire Interactive1992-94
Magic Boy
Yogi Bear

Domark / Eidos 1995-97
All Star Soccer
DeathTrap Dungeon

Intelligent Games 1997-99
Flying Circus (unfinished)
Lego Racers
Action Man

Asylum Entertainment 1999-2003

Electronic Arts 2004-2006
Fifa Street 1
Fifa Street 2

Asylum Entertainment 2007-2009
Garden Party – Online MMO

Candyflame Games– 2009 - Present
Isoball 1
Isoball 2
Isoball 3
Tankblitz Zero
Isoball X-Level Pack

DNA Studios
Warheads Backdrops

Rob Graeber
Effing Worms II

Chris Pole


Slam Productions
Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk - Ipad

Online Bookmakers - Web Design

Paramount Pictures/Nicklodeon
Rango World – Backgrounds

Advertising backgrounds

Warner Brothers/Newboyz
Game Backgrounds and Characters

Paramount Pictures
Rango online game backgrounds

Hunger Games Adventure online backgrounds



Ravensborne College of Design and Communication 2008 – Work History
Futures Lectures – London College of Communication 2008 – The Future of Game


Photoshop, Flash, Sketchup, 3DS max, Maya,  Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Sound Forge, Cool edit pro.

Art Exhibitions

Traffik – London 2002
El Kartel - Vancouver 2005
Midtown  - Vancouver 2006
Ayden – Vancouver 2005-6
Beaumont Studios – Vancouver 2005-6


Lawrence Sheriff School for Boys, Rugby 1983 - 1987
East Warickshire College of Art A Level, B-tec Diploma in Art & Design 1087 - 1989